It would appear, that late at night, when the whole world (or at least my apartment) is drifting off to sleep, my brain transforms into a genius. I swear to you the ideas I come up with at these random hours are not far from some of the most intricate, impressive, awesome ideas I have ever thought of myself. 

I have a few theories as to why:

a) I often read before bed, and as I tend to reach for "inspirational" novels, I am more likely to be inspired by my fiction and non-fiction heroes late at night

b) My brain has always had a hard time turning off. I can recall being the age of six and hearing my aunt attempt to guide me on a journey called "Deanna... relax your mind... just stop thinking for ONE minute" I figure my brain is afraid that one day I'll perfect this technique and it will no longer be in control... therefore it needs to bring out it's best, most 5-star, A-game work to ensure that I stay at its mercy

c) I probably ate too many cookies past 8pm so I'm wired on sugar, or I drank too much water and am unhappily anticipating my five wake ups throughout the night because of it

Whether my theories are themselves genius, or of simply mere mortal status, I'm gunna stick to my gut on this one. And what does every genius idea need?? An outlet..

TA DA - welcome to Sweet Dea's Ramblings :-)

I apologize in advance if you find any of my ramblings rude, boring, a little too-much-info ... but just know that this is my creative free space.. where I will let my thoughts flow free!! 

And now that I am living in one place, will hopefully be working soon, am living four blocks from the mesmerizing and thought-provoking OCEAN and possess a New Zealand library card... you can trust there will be some unique Sweet Dea ramblings to come!!


Sweet Dea

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