Luke and I are very far from being enrolled in Master Chef anytime soon. He is miles closer than I am..I am one of those lucky ladies that has most meals prepared for her by her lovely and wonderful boyfriend! ..but still.. we like to keep our meals simple, healthy, cheap and easy!! So tonight when we decided to try something completely different, with no recipe, and using literally everything we had on hand... well... I was a little skeptical. 
Casserole Ingredients: 
Potato | Kumara | Broccoli | Carrot | Onion | Garlic | Butternut Squash | Linguini Noodles | Mushroom Soup | Stale Bread Crumbs | a few Caesar Salad Croutons | Grated Cheese 
After boiling and frying most pieces, we popped it into the oven for some random, undetermined amount of time, eventually melted some cheese on top and... VOILA!
The Masterpiece
Mistake or Masterpiece? 

Judging by our empty plates.. I'd say the taste buds vote that it was a masterpiece. This dish is now referred to as: "The Bake"

07/31/2012 9:36pm

i think it looks wonderful, you guys can cook for me anytime


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