Amazing how at times when you really really need something... it arrives!

Yesterday was a long day. I did hard, grueling work for 7 hours while nursing a very intense cold. I was soaking wet, cold, sweaty, dirty and sniffly. I came home hopeful to hear about a job that I had interviewed for, twice, and really hoped I got and would be starting today. An email told me that I didn't get it. "You have great character... but you're leaving in 8 months... very sorry... best of luck". Bummer.

I didn't realize how much I had wanted this job and had anticipated getting it, until I didn't get it. Rejection. Poo. That never feels good. Plus, I need some money. And I'm sick. Yuck! And a bit bored. Being broke means less crazy, random outings with friends. Oh, ya, I guess less friends also results in that as well. I am trying to say that last night I was a little "under the weather" both emotionally and physically (Ahhhhhh CHOOO, sniffle)

But sometimes life treats you. Sometimes it looks at you, takes a little pity and says, 
"As a congratulations for not blowing your lid when I threw all those negatives at you, here are a few small tidbits that I KNOW you will enjoy!" 
a 6am snuggle with my man before he went off to work
a fun photo from a friend to say she's thinking of me
a 2+ hour skype date that allowed laughter to make me feel less ill
a "tripod" love affair message
a facebook message from my globe-trotting father saying all is well
enough sunshine on my deck to sit, read, write, soak up the rays and listen to Citizen Cope
Sometimes its more about the small things than anything else. If you can just keep appreciating and celebrating all your small blessings and joys, eventually, they turn into big blessings and joys! And, well, isn't that the ultimate goal? 

I am smiling today!
Captain Awesome
06/21/2012 9:48pm

Yay Dea. You are one of the coolest people I know. When life gives you rotten old tomatoes you somehow find a way to make magnificent lemonade. If you catch my drift. ;). You deserve the best because you are the best!

Sweet Dea
06/23/2012 6:44pm

Dear Captain Awesome,

YOU are one of the coolest people I know!! And you know what.. I'm pretty sure we perfected that lemonade recipe years ago! So props to you too with the rotten old tomatoes trick!!


06/23/2012 2:04pm

i totally agree deanna, I remeber one time when luke and i went to kamloops to spend christines 19 birthday with her my truck broke down just outside of kamloops, . LUke was really angry and said things always break down on us, but actually i had a wonder 5 days with my son and daugher to myself in kamloops untill the truck got fixed, i truly found it a blessing. carry on with the positive attitude girl you amaze me

Sweet Dea
06/23/2012 6:43pm

Isn't it great when life wraps up some happy moments in a surprise twist of events?? That's a nice memory to have! :)


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