In the wonderful world of New Zealand, today is April 30th - the day many moons ago that my wonderful mother was born into this world. If there was any wish that I could have granted, it would be for her to be here with me, in New Zealand, so we could celebrate both of our birthdays today! We would spend two days straight celebrating, laughing, remembering, hugging and loving each other! I saw a rainbow the other day. That is my indication that she would enjoy that as well. Happy Birthday to my wonderful beautiful mother!

Happy Birthday Momma!!!

Many Many Moons Ago!
My favourite Momma song <3
Backyard Family Fun :-)
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04/29/2012 12:42pm

She is in everything you do and are deadea. I love you and hope you can do something memorable today for your momma. Whether is pick a bouque of wild flowers or go for a nice dinner. I send many hugs and squeezes to you. Happy Early Birthday for you too! xoxo from over hte ocean.

04/30/2012 7:29am

She is definitely watching over you - the rainbow was the tell-tale sign! You keep your spirits up, little one, and have the time of your life on your 25th! When you guys get a semi permanemt address, please let me know so that I can send your "care" package!

04/30/2012 11:38am

Enjoy this day deanna and treasure all the memories in your heart, love you sooo much dea


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