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Do you have all of these^in your life? On a daily basis? Readily available for you to pull on at any moment that you may need them?  If you do... wow! Good for you! If you don't, welcome to the other 98% of the world. (rough personal estimate of course) 

It would appear, in the news, in the way people flock to reality TV shows, in the amount of things that people buy that they really do not need, that people may be not be as happy as they could. But what could be the cause of that? 

Consider these thoughts for a moment:
"Give without remembering and take without forgetting"
Sandra Yancey
"Release attributes not congruent with who you want to be"
Kerry Brown
"Foster your most positive attributes" 
Kerry Brown
Carolyne Taylor & her fantastic gang
These are all quotes I took away from the women's focused workshop that I attended yesterday. YoUnlimited is an organization that provides conferences, events and resources for women in Victoria. Run by the fabulous Carolyne Taylor, these events and resources go above and beyond what the average woman could find for herself on her own. Carolyne pulls together specialists and experts in a wide range of topics surrounding the ideas of mind, spirit and body. It really is a fantastic concept.  

Seeing as I am about to be taking a break from reality and really allowing myself to focus on me, I thought this was a great opportunity to really soak in as much as I could about how best to do this!  

UNBC - wasn't my uni a beauty!?
One thing that I miss about University, aside from the fact that you are living in an alter-universe where your most pressing problem genuinely is getting that project in on time to your prof so you can go out drinking with your friends afterwards, is the continuous questioning! At a University, you are surrounded by forward-thinking, incredibly intelligent brains that are always working in overdrive. You are taught to question what is put in front of you. Why simply accept that it is what it is? Why go with the flow if you do not genuinely understand what makes the flow flow? 


Attending conferences and workshops such as YoUnlimited re-introduces this mindset to my life, and I love it! It allows you to find your passion and motivation, because there is more depth to every single thing you do!

Julie and I having fun at YoUnlimited ---->

Some Food For Thought
Everyone is worthy of a life they love. 
What we give circulates back to us. 
We are here to make a difference where we can. 
We all deserve to be nurtured, inspired, and supported. 
We are the heroine’s in our own life’s journey. 
We, as a community are unlimited! 

quoted from the YoUnlimited website homepage


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