This evening I decided to venture outside to enjoy the setting sun near the ocean's waves and soft sand. It reminded me of how beautiful, majestic and powerful the ocean is. Without any intentions, it brought my thoughts deeper and allowed me to relax into them.  Always a pleasure. I wanted to share some of the beauty I experienced and was able to catch on film.

A good tune for photo viewing. I was listening to this song while I uploaded these pictures. :o) Enjoy!
The sun was just beginning to set - note the beautiful pink sky and the couple walking their dog
the sun was setting just behind the mount
I decided to have some word-play in the sand
a little tree posing
stunning light reflecting on the wet sand :)

Sweet Dea



11/09/2012 1:25pm

Hello missy! I enjoyed reading about your solo flight up the mountain! You are a brave one!!! I hope your tail bone survived that fall!! As always I saved your writings for when I needed them most which is today. I am home sick and feeling sad and sorry for myself and now I have a smile pasted on my face because I connected with you through your words. Love you lots and cant wait to give you a nice warm hug when you return!!!


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