Why Not?




Why Not?

Recently a few friends have expressed to me that they have been following my blog. And not only that, but in following my blog, they have even been a little bit inspired! Inspired!? Talk about inspired!! Each time I hear that someone is enjoying reading my ramblings it genuinely makes my day so much better! It is wonderful to have created a platform for my many thoughts and rambles, but to know that someone actually enjoys what I have to say, well, that's the dream! Thank you to Kate, Melsa, Christine and Kelly for taking that extra moment to share  this news with me! It was very much appreciated!

Dream. That's an interesting word isn't it? Dream. All throughout our childhoods we are taught that we can do anything, and to always remember to dream. And dream big! So, why is it that as adults, suddenly our dreams become unattainable. Who makes them unattainable? Is it your boss? Your bank account? Society? Your debt and mortgage? Or is it just, you? 

And by you, I mean fear. Fear of failure. Perhaps fear of success? Fear of truly being happy and doing what you want to do, instead of what you need to? Fear that maybe you don't really know who you are, and what you want? Everyone is unique, and has their own fears. But what I don't understand is why it is so common to simply settle for what you're supposed to do, instead of seeking what you want to do, your dream!?

My theory in an attempt to combat these fears..."why not?" When presented with an opportunity, I ask myself, why not? All the "nots" that I come up with are usually fear-driven, so I take them out of the equation. And to be honest, the answer becomes pretty clear! 

If you want to try something.. why not set yourself up in a way that allows you to try it? Surround yourself with the things and the people that you would need to make your dream happen. I have reached out to my entire network, and beyond, asking for advice, tips and tricks on our upcoming travels to New Zealand. I have been met with fantastic responses. So many people are more than willing to lend a hand, an ear, an afternoon or an email address, in order to help out another. It's truly amazing. And I think it should utilized and celebrated more often.

And just trust yourself! Believe that you truly can make your dreams come true. Whatever those dreams may be! And even if those dreams are ever-changing, as I feel that mine will be, go with the flow. Trust that you are, or can become, adaptable enough to create the life that you want. Because really, who else is going to do it for you? 

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"Dreams can at times make a creative thought occur to the person or give a sense of inspiration." 


Tanner Hirakida
03/10/2012 8:15pm

Sweet Dea, Well said! Very inspirational words indeed. I envy you but I know I am capable of making my dreams come true or making a change.
I also seek adventures and need to get the ball rolling on planning some of my own. My new job may open many doors so I can't wait to start!

Christine Green
03/12/2012 9:42pm

Sweet sweet Dea...you are such a natural writer. I love to read your thoughts and get to know you more through your writing. I also loved the puppies :) hehe. I'm really going to miss you kids. Xo

03/20/2012 6:36pm

wow , wow. can"T believe you can write like that you are such and inspiration, made me cry , love reading this stuff keep it up girl miss you two soooo much but sooo happy for you guys.


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