So last night I decided it was time to start the preliminary stages of packing. It has been an ongoing concern of mine that I would get over-excited, as I tend to do, and bring waaay too much and all the wrong things. So I've been doing some research.I've been asking everyone I know, "what the heck and i going to NEED?"

The problem with this system is... everyone travels different!

Yes I'll be taking a backpack and be 'roughing it' a bit, but we're also going to be living in New Zealand, likely for an entire year. I'll be working, playing, relaxing, missing home.. there are a lot of items that could assist with each of those activities. However.. I am NOT going to be that girl who has the backpack, the suitcase, the travel bag, etc, etc, etc.

My goal with packing... pack light and enjoy a minimalistic lifestyle!

Living in one place for an extended period of time, with lots of space in your home for decorative pieces, extra items, etc, it makes it very easy to continuously accumulate more and more stuff. But in the end.. it's just that.. stuff.  No one really needs any stuff.

So.. with this trip.. I will take myself to a more simple lifestyle where all I need are some good comfy, useful clothes, my laptop, and my man! :)

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