I have felt a sudden energy change among my network of wonderful friends and family.. even from afar. There is more talk of low spirits and less energy. Each reason is unique to the individual, but I often find that low spirits do come in waves; like a social phenomenon. If you have a few friends who are down, they're telling you about it, describing why their down, or what is bringing them down, and then maybe you start to think about those things and realize that they bring you down as well. Then suddenly, everyone is having a pity party jam-packed with ice cream, cookies, a little extra wine and reality tv shows...(or maybe that's just my cure)

It's got me thinking.. what do I do when I'm feeling down in order to bring myself back up? 

These are some of my favourite things to do when I feel down.  Maybe you'll try some.. maybe you won't.. but I wanted to share them just incase they make at least one person smile. 

Allow myself to wallow - sometimes all I need is a good wallow in self pity.. sure my life isn't that hard, I have a LOT of privileges, but sometimes I just need to let go of every single responsibility, stop smiling and have a down moment. These are the times that Luke says "you have absolutely zero expression on your face" and my response - "I'm replenishing!"

Endorphins!! - Exercise makes me feel wonderful, and yet I often find it very hard to commit to actually doing the deed. When I haven't done anything physical in awhile, and I'm feeling down, I know there is a correlation. If I'm so down I can't find the motivation to go to the gym because I know I will simply stare at the machines.. I go to a high-intensity class!! This way no thinking is involved, there's a set time that I have to make it there by and if I skip out halfway through.. people will see!!

The Library! - Being over here in New Zealand and only working a few hours a week means I don't have a lot of expendable funds. My new favourite way to combat the money blues.. stroll down to the library. I allow myself to feel like a millionaire in there! When I look through the aisles, I know that I am allowed to leave with any item I choose! And not only that.. I can choose 3, 4, 5, 10 items!! Suuuure I don't read every single item I take home.. but I feel good not having to limit myself! (and I've recently learned I can take out my trashy magazines...FOR FREE!! major score when their price tags are around the $5 mark!)

Write a letter!! This is one of my all time favourite activities to do when I am feeling a bit low or secluded or unsure of myself. Sending love to a friend means you will be putting a smile on their face when they check their mailbox. And as I begin writing, I find I'd rather find anything/everything positive in my life to write about as I wouldn't want them to open up a letter just to hear me bitch and complain. And suddenly, I am focusing on the positive pieces of my life instead of those silly little pieces that were bringing me down before. Instant smile.

Empty the closet!  - Don't feel like facing the world? Then don't. Stay in. Sometimes that is exactly what I need.. goes with the lack of expression on my face. Sometimes I need to wear sweats, have greasy hair and stare off into space in silence. This is when I usually go through my closet, my drawers, my cupboard, anything, and just take stock on the many "things" I have in my life. Most things I don't need, in any way, whatsoever. So those get filtered out and passed over to a second-hand store. And sometimes I can't part with any item. Those days I just re-organize, make everything clean, tidy and create a mental checklist. Life gets cluttered, why should my home be the same?

My New Zealand Favourite Mood Booster - Walk the 4 blocks to the beauuutiful beach here at the Mount. I always take my camera, even though I'm sure I have every unique photo possible already, as I am simply stunned and amazed at the natural beauty, that requires zero human interaction to be so beautiful. I stand there thinking, "I have done absolutely nothing to create this, this has zero to do with me, and yet, here it is, allowing me to appreciate it". 
I find it very humbling, energizing and inspiring!! It's amazing how close nature can be when you need it.. its just a matter of finding your way to it. Its usually closer than you think and less effort to get there than you imagined in your mind. 

Sweet Dea

"Just the simple process of letting go of negative thoughts will allow your natural state of healthy to emerge within you. And your body will heal itself." - Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

"Experiencing what you don't want helps you work out what you do want." - Mia Freedman, Mamamia

"You are aware of where you want to go, but you honour and give your fullest attention to the step that you are taking at this moment"  - Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now 

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07/02/2012 10:11pm


07/02/2012 10:15pm

you are so wise. this is the first comment i've made on your blog - not because i haven't been reading! - because this one really resonated with me. love you!

07/03/2012 1:06am

These are all things you do hahaha!! I like to either eat, drink a coffee, longboard or surf .......or cry myself to sleep

07/04/2012 8:31pm

hahaha oh dukey... I thought I heard sobs through the walls when we were living together...

love it dee! keep it coming. i turn on music nice and loud and force myself to smile. it is proven that smiling produces endorphins that cant help but actually make you happy even for a few seconds :D

Daryl Duke
07/03/2012 4:22am

Hey Deanna, keep smiling and keep writing, love the writings it makes me feel as though I am there. Health and happiness are the number one things to have in life. I hope you have read the other book by Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth. I'll have to pass the library tip on to my wife. she spends a bit on the mags.

07/03/2012 8:06am

great thoughts dea, totally agree with your insightfullness, remember you always have way more fun when your smiling

07/03/2012 1:46pm

How can one get "down" when the weather here in BC is so beautiful?? (NOT!!) Even Josh commented that this year it actually rained more in Vancouver than the UK! However, the sun is going to shine by the end of this week and for the entire month of July (when we're away!!) However, on the bright side, since Mothers Day (May 13) I can count on 1 hand the number of times I've had to water my baskets!! (Water savings, ya know!!) But the rest of us are "rusting". Enjoy the weather there and see if you can tele transport it over the pond!! Love ya!!

07/09/2012 9:29pm

Hello beautiful friend! As usual your recent writing is inspiring. I love the comment from Luke about the non-expression. I saw that many times in your pre decision days at the "Chamber." I am so happy that you made that decision to let go and live! The toilet cleaning is simple/hard work that will play a part in your journey. We are never above lowly work as it keeps us humble. I bet those toilets are bright and shiny after you are done! Be the best bowl cleaner you can be MIssy! (: Miss you tons sweet sister. xoxoxo


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