If there was ever a moment not to back out of travel plans because you're scared.. I'd say after dropping a couple G's on your credit card for flights and travel insurance is that time! Lucky for me.. there is zero hesitation inside of me. Literally.. I feel completely happy and satisfied and content with our decision to move to New Zealand. There's nothing holding me back. I'm filled with anticipation and an itching to get going.

In two weeks I will finish up at my job, move out of my house (all the big stuff is going into storage - if you need storage in Victoria...check out U-Pak Mobile Mini Storage) travel to Ottawa to spend a week visiting my family, say goodbye to friends in Victoria, say goodbye to friends in Vancouver, and then... zoom zoom zoom!!


Can't Wait! :)

.:: i booked my flights through Flight Centre and they were fantastic. I've been told you are more likely to get the best deal if you actually work with an agent, instead of solo flight searching online.. so give them a call! ::.


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