Auckland, New Zealand - Here We Are!

We did it! We made it here to Auckland, New Zealand! We finally made it to our travel day, the day of 18.5 hours of being in transit, sitting on planes, making transfers, passing time... we made it! The travel really wasn't too bad at all, and lucky for me I chose my perfect travel buddy! We laughed and laughed - especially at our ridiculous attempts to get in comfortable sleeping positions on our 13.5 hour overnight plane ride. Our first day has been a good one! Very sunny and warm and beautiful. We wandered around a good majority of downtown Auckland - lucky for me Luke is a bit better with directions and remembering where he has been before. Then we booked into our hostel, had a "short" 3-hour nap and we were at it again. Wandering around the downtown core, enjoying all the people watching. :) Fun Fun Fun! 

Here are a few of my New Zealand first impression observations:
The seagulls are TINY! Like the size of pigeons! Either we have mutant seagulls in Victoria - or New Zealanders don't leave much garbage for them to feed on! 
  • There seems to be no New Zealand fashion - it is purely wear whatever you like! 
  • Internet is very hard to come by and costs for every time you use it! Even at Starbucks!
  • There are lots of hostels to chose from, but we think we made the right decision!
  • Our first hostel meal - rice, carrots & beans! cheap cheap
  • We already think we brought too much stuff! Fail
Luke and I both love sunshine! And Auckland! And being fun-employed! 
Excited for our 18.5 hour travels to New Zealand! Wasting time @ YVR
Where are you New Zealand?
First beer in NZ at a slanted bar 
Thinking of you Tingy
Getting Exciiiited
Sky Tower in Auckland
There's New Zealand!

More About Our Final Day In Canada Below

Well, that day has finally arrived; the day when all the planning and thinking and packing and preparing comes to fruition. Today Luke and I packed our bags for the last time in Canada and prepared to become jet setters, officially beginning our trip to New Zealand!

The morning was spent finishing up a lot of last minute details, most of which involved relying on finally getting through to companies to get confirmation of a variety of things. I made sure to start it off right with a very pleasant walk to the park with my favourite furry nephew, Bandit. We had absolutely nothing planned for our departure day (aka no lunch dates or get togethers) which I highly recommend. I underestimated the stress of finalizing these last minute details. I’m glad that I allowed myself to have a week or so to relax and say goodbye to people. It was nice to reconnect with many good friends, and to spend time just relaxing and laughing with my family. If I wasn’t able to come and see you to say goodbye, or my constant ‘a-go-go’ schedule meant we weren’t able to chat on the phone, I am very sorry. Please don’t think that it was for any reason other than I was incredibly busy and found all the visiting was actually exhausting me.. even before we left for our trip! Please find me on Skype if you don’t already have me and I’ll be very happy to show you New Zealand.

Once all packed up and ready to go, Pops, Barb, Luke, Deanna and little furry Bandit all piled into the vehicle, backpacks in the back, double checked for passports and money, and we were off. We stopped part-way through the drive to the airport to give sister a lovely hug on the side of the road.

At the airport, it was a bit of a tear-filled moment for the Deacons at the security check, but overall it wasn’t too bad. As soon as I said goodbye to Pops and turned around, I looked at Luke and thought to myself, ‘Thank god I love you! You're the only familiar face I’m going to have for who knows how long!"

So now we have embarked on our adventure! A stop-over in LA, then a long overnight flight straight into Auckland. We have our first night planned, staying at a hostel, and from there on out...we’re going to do as we please and see what we choose. We have a few loose plans of specific places we need to be every few weeks, and outside of that, this trip is open to our interpretation. Woohoo!!
ronda rozon
03/16/2012 6:56am

Yay! As you would say my dear sister. So happy you arrived safely! All my prayers for you were answered. You both look radiantly happy. So excited for you and so grateful you are writing about this adventure. It's pouring rain, cold and windy in Vic so enjoy every slice of warmth you can take in!!! Love and hugs to you both! Looking forward to your next blog!

Kate S
03/16/2012 8:14am

Awww this entry made me cry! You are going to be gone for sooooo long!! I'm glad to hear you are already adjusting and NZ and Auckland sound lovely (other than the paying for internet- laaame!) I can actually feel your energy gone from my life :( buuuuuut then I read your blog and its back for a short while :) love you both! xo

03/16/2012 10:16am

Wow. U guys are there. It is a long way from good old BC but the most important item - u both got there safe and sound. I look forward to ur up dates

03/16/2012 12:43pm

Kia ora to you two in New Zealand. Glad to hear you made it in safely are getting settled in and have been drinking beer :)

Miss you both, I am excited to hear all the amazing things you get to do!

03/16/2012 1:25pm

milk,milk, lemonade.

03/17/2012 7:59pm

Exciting....what draws you to it the surfing experience?

03/19/2012 8:01am

What a great blog! Nice weather, too! It just finished snowing here in Burnaby!! Wish I was there and not here!! Enjoy and keep in touch!! Luv ya!!

03/20/2012 10:04am

Dang, this made me cry too! I love you guys! Sooo exciting. Guess what...I spontaneously booked a trip with some of my gfs to Vegas. Thank you student loans :P oh boy...haha. It's gonna be funny though, Alison, Chels, Britt and I are all broke ass so we will just wander the streets and people watch and catch up. Anyways, keep us up to date. We love read about your life :) xoxo

05/28/2012 10:13am

Sounds like you're having the time of your life!! That Hot Water Beach sounds kinky! I'm missing you...any closer to an address yet?

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