Just over a year ago I found myself at a crossroads in life, not feeling as though anything was compelling me to stay in the beautiful city of Victoria, but also not sure if packing up and travelling around by myself was the right move. Lucky for me I had a mentor that helped me see through the urge to flee and I stayed put for one more year. In this past year I have learned an incredible amount about myself both professionally, and personally. I knew a trip was in my future, I just didn't know when or where. So I took those few dollars I had been saving and put them away, continued adding to them, with that thought that one day, they would be necessary. 

that day has come :D and I couldn't be happier. 

There is one major component to this trip that I didn't realize I was missing a year ago.
And I learned this at the Noodle Box

One lunch hour I was pleasantly greeted by my boyfriend at work and we decided to go for lunch at the Noodle Box. After waiting for food, casually chatting about life and work and how our days were going, we sat down to chow down. In between mouthfuls, as is usual, I was jabbering and nannering on about everything and anything that popped into my head. I went off on a tangent for a bit about how I was going to go to New Zealand.. this was my destination.. I could feel it.. it was coming, and sometime soon! Then it occurred to me... If I were to go to New Zealand and embark on this vast journey on my own.. Luke wouldn't be with me. 

So then, without really thinking it through, out came the words "come with me!"  

Luke hesitated a bit, came up with a few weak reasons as to why he shouldn't and then *poof* we entered planning mode! When could we go? How long could we go for? What would we do? How much money would we need? and on.. and on.. and on..

This was the beginning of the trip sweet dea and dukey take on the kiwis
and it all began at the Noodle Box.