Capture The Colour is a travel blogging contest hosted by Travel Supermarket encouraging travel bloggers to showcase their beautiful photos in five colour categories; Blue, Yellow, Red, Green and White. I love this idea! Thank you to Bobbi at Heels and Wheels for nominating me for this competition. Enjoy the photos!


If there is one thing that my eyes have been absolutely enthralled with since stepping foot on New Zealand soil, it is the sky! The way the clouds dance around the sun and each other, creating so many beautiful and colourful scenes is amazing! When those jaw-dropping skies are combined with sun rays sparkling down and glistening on the ocean water... absolutely inspiring! 
This moment brings back such blissful memories of being relaxed, rested and revelling in the beginning leg of our trip. Sitting by the ocean in the tiny laid-back surfer town of Raglan, feeling absolutely blessed to be able to witness such natural beauty and capture it on film...perfection.


Witnessing a sunrise is a beautiful experience at any time... but after hiking up to the summit of a mountain in the pitch black early morning and listening to the birds awake the world before the sun graces you with its presence...that feels like a miracle made only for you. This photo represents the struggle I faced to get my partner out of bed in the wee dark hours of the morning, throw on some runners, grab the camera and hike 45 minutes to the top of Mount Pukawhakataratara on the Coromandel Peninsula in the dark. As we reached the summit I could only think to myself "he's going to hate me" as there were so many clouds I didn't think it was possible that we would see anything rising, let alone the sun. As the world does, it surprised me! As the sun rose above the mountains and shone its golden glow on the valley below, we learned that a misty, cloud-filled valley is the perfect canvas for a morning worthy of gold. 


Love For Daniel. A year ago a wonderful young man with a zest for adventure and an ear for beautifully played music was brutally killed in Victoria, Canada. Daniel was a good friend of ours. He was 20 years old. Many individuals sport this bracelet that says "Love For Daniel" to show ongoing support for what an incredible young man Daniel was. Luke and I brought him along with us on our New Zealand trip. This photo was taken during a blissful hike in the Coromandel Peninsula. It had rained all morning and this was the first glimpse of sun we saw all day. We like to think it was Daniel showing his appreciation for the hike.  


Our number one concern in Taupo was finding a free place to sleep...what we didn't account for was this miraculous scenery being our backyard. Reids Farm Free Campsite is home to this technicolour of natural visions. With my jaw-dropped, I continuously asked myself, "how can one river look so refreshing, so clean, so peaceful and so multi-toned?". I chose this photo as it amazes me that so much natural green can be found in the usually so crystal clear blue water.  


As a true west-coast Canadian, when the weather turns rainy, windy and stormy, the Canadians turn to their rain jackets, hot coffee in a thermos and the closest point to the massive, crashing waves. We ventured out to Moturiki Island in Mount Maunganui and hiked all the way out to the closest point to the waves. The raging white caps and white foam flowing all the way in to our toes was breath-taking and exhilarating. A beautiful moment during a so-called bad weather storm. :o)

I would like to thank Bobbi from Heels and Wheels for the nomination. I myself nominate the following travel bloggers:

Sweet Dea



08/29/2012 10:25pm

Lovely to read your entries as usual my beautiful traveling will-bury And your color photos are amazing. Each one so unique. You really know how to capture nature Deanna! As always I am inspired. Love the stories about the openness of the locals. I would invite a stranger for dinner but I realize that is not the norm here and as you and I both know I am far from the and care to you and Lukie...miss those long heartfelt talks with you...xoxoxo

Sweet Dea
08/30/2012 12:53am

Ronda, thank you for always sharing such wonderful thoughts! I love that you love my posts! I hope you are well and I also really miss our long heart-felt talks!!!! xoxoxo

08/30/2012 7:37am

Beautiful pics! You're a shoe-in!! When is the contest? Have you received my package yet? There is a "special" something in it that is really yellow! When are you meeting your papa in Hawaii?

Sweet Dea
09/04/2012 5:27pm

Thanks Marilyn! I think I was a wee bit late for the contest, so not sure if I actually have a chance at winning.. but was so much fun choosing the photos regardless!! No package yet. I check the mail everyday! I'm sure the international mail people are pulling it apart and eating all the good stuff as we speak.. harumph. Hawaii will be November!!

08/30/2012 5:47pm

Wow... I thought you were an amazing writer, but it turns out you are an all around amazing artist! These pictures are fantastic Phophy! Miss you xoxo

Sweet Dea
09/04/2012 5:28pm

I have never in my life been called an "artist" and have always been a bit sad about that.. but you just called me one and it MADE MY DAY :o) Thank you!! I really really appreciate that! Miss you too! xo

08/30/2012 8:14pm

Brilliant photos of NZ, Dea! I personally love the sentiment and meaning behind the red one, truly beautiful :)

Thanks for the nomination as well!

Sweet Dea
09/04/2012 5:29pm

Thanks Kate!!

09/04/2012 5:12pm


I thought it was about time I stopped lurking around your site and left you a comment!

Great pictures lady! I'm supremely jealous of this adventure you are on, New Zealand looks like a very magical place to be :)

Planning a trip home anytime soon?

Sweet Dea
09/04/2012 5:30pm

Mackenzie, great to hear from you! The photos are amazing aren't they? I still can't believe how unreal New Zealand landscapes are! So wonderful to be witnessing it!

Will likely not be back in Canada-land until summer 2013. :o)


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