5:30am - roll over and look at clock.. know its too early to get up but happy that i already
                    feel rested - yay!
6:45am - alarm goes off
6:47am - happily check my twitter, email, facebook and blog updates :) ahh technology
7:00am - shorts, tank top, water bottle, obnoxious music - workout time!
7:30am - wishing I had someone there pushing me harder..but I keep on truckin'
8:00am - shower and primp for a hard 3-hour day of toilet bowl cleaning, shower scrubbing
                    and hotel bed making.. ahhhh my New Zealand work
8:15am - coffee and blog update while admiring the glorious mount sun shining through my
                    living room and waiting for my delicious oatmeal to finish cooking
Happy New Zealand Thursday Everybody!!  
Mount Maunganui Beach Workout :-D

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