We're Real Kiwis Now

Star #1 - After a lot of time spent searching about and thinking about, Luke and I now have a place to call home. It doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of furniture, but we don't need much and we are very very happy to be here!! It's in a town called Mount Maunganui.  
Star #2 - As we moved into our new home yesterday, we have been in search of a few essential pieces, such as a bed and some other household items. Yesterday we spent the day searching out garage sales and thrift stores and really managed to get almost everything we need for under $100!!! It really puts prices in perspective.. who needs brand new overpriced items!? Not travelers!
Star #3 - My sister confirmed today that she has gotten the time off work and will be meeting up with us here in New Zealand! Who knows what we'll get up to or where we'll end up.. but I am ecstatic to have a visitor!! Now... how to convince her its a good idea to bring Bandit...
My wish is that Luke and I manage to get a bit of luck in the job department. We have arrived in a touristy, resort-type town with loads of shops and cafes and restaurants...in the winter. Therefore.. not many places are hiring. But we are applying everywhere possible and talking to everyone we meet.. so fingers crossed something good will come our way soon!!! :)
sue norman
06/03/2012 7:46pm

Wow! Everything seems to fall into place with just a touch of effort....what fun...so you are now kiwis....canadian kiwis.....you will both find work....sure will be exciting to know what it is.....sue

06/05/2012 12:43pm

best of luck to you , you"ll have no trouble who wouldn't want to hire two beautiful looking and outgoing canadians.


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