Finally, after about 10 different friends told me it was worth a read, I made my way down to the library to put Fifty Shades of Grey on hold. I went back and checked every few days to see if it was there. The book was always on the hold shelf, but never in my name. I did some research on my account and found out I was SEVENTH in line to get the book. That's a lot of people to read it before me. So I set it all out of my mind and got on with life.. no more checking the hold shelf on a two-day rotation. Then... one happy morning.. I received an email saying that the book was there and it had MY name on it! :-) Oh happy joy joy! So, I picked it up after work and am now excited to jump right on that bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about. If there are no posts for a few days, well, I guess that means I'm a fan!!

Sweet Dea 

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