Tonight, I'll be going hard at Boxing Bootcamp! I have been living in the Mount for two months now, enjoying my own personal gym as many days a week as I can muster, but still haven't quite met the results that I want. So, when your workout isn't quite working to your satisfaction, what's the best thing you can do...? 

Change It! 
I found a great deal on GrabOne Tauranga, $60 for 10 sessions of BoxFit - a boxing bootcamp - with Define Fitness. The studio they workout in is just down the road from me, which is perfect and convenient. 

I went to my first class last Friday morning and am SO happy that I did. The class was phenomenal, I forgot how wonderful bootcamps can be! They are not only a great full body workout, but they really push you to your max! A great bootcamp instructor will encourage you to push yourself...and having other people around to notice if you're slacking helps with the personal motivation as well! We alternated between boxing moves, weight lifting and other full-body movements. I had a wonderful time punching things, crunching things, lifting things and squatting things.. overall, it was a great workout. (I was reminded of that the next day when my body seemed to be a wee bit harder to move than it had been the day before (aka.. stiff as a board) It was a fantastic first class and I am excited for more. 

Bootcamps are a great way to meet like-minded individuals. It just feels good to get out and meet a few new faces, whether I will see them again in the future or not. And the fun part for me, the instructor was, of course, a complete gem, and I saw her earlier this week at the movie theatre... (she also arrived too late for Magic Mike tickets and ended up watching TED instead) . What better way to make a new town feel like home than to run into someone you know when you're out and about!! Perfect!

So tonight, I will continue on with my 10 sessions, tonight being number two. I am so happy that I took that step to include something new and different into my workout routine. Not only does it energize me, but it helps me to see results, which motivates me even more when I am working out on my own. Plus... it feels pretty good to know that you can pack a mean punch! 
8/13/2012 02:29:12 am

Well, kiddo, I sent your "care package" from the lake just on the long weekend in August. Hopefully, you will receive it before you come home!!!! LOL!!

I'm back to work today (Aug. 13) after spending 5 weeks at the lake. The trailer is super and the weather was between 37 and 40 every day! Nothing like getting up late, reading the paper and then spending the day at the beach!

Sounds like Luke is treating you like the princess you are! That's great!! Not too much extra training involved!!

It was very hard getting up this morning - that alarm clock just about went out the window!!

Miss you lots!! Keep having fun and let me know when you get the package (you will appreciate the wrapping!!) XXXXOOOO

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So, when your workout isn't quite working to your satisfaction, what's the best thing you can do...?


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