One of the first things you notice as a traveller returning to your home and deciding to settle in is the abundance of stuff you have. There are books and trinkets and photos and old letters and sports gear and jewelry and hair products and
After a year of travelling with just one bag, having only a couple pairs of this or a couple pairs of that, or one main jacket that is used for every suddenly living with an overflowing closet of items that are for every occasion AND feel brand new as you forgot about them... well that feeling is priceless! 

But, just as many things do, the excitement of all this stuff tends to wear off pretty quickly. Life suddenly becomes more challenging - instead of deciding "should I wear my long necklace or my short necklace" it becomes, "should I wear the long silver necklace with that bit, or the long silver necklace with that bit, or the long gold necklace or the short silver...blah blah blah" So, what does an event planner decide to do when she has too much clothing and needs to give some away... plan a Ladies Wine & Shop Clothing Swap!!
Last weekend my girlfriend Lyndsey and I gathered some of our lovely close friends together, everyone brought some clothing that no longer served them, we had wine and appies, laid out all of our items and just had a great time shopping and swapping. There was only a small number of us there, but that made it all the more fun when trying things on. If something cute didn't fit one person, she'd suggest it to someone else and then they'd try it on. Everyone got to walk away with a few new items that they were really excited about. And the best part about it all... 
Lyndsey and I were thrilled that at the end of the night we were able to put together a massive box and two huge bags of clothing to donate to our local community cooperative, Women In Need. A few weeks earlier, we were able to support WIN with a fantastic campaign they created, the 100 Women Campaign.  (see below)

Their Goal: To raise $100,000 by the end of 2013.
The Result:To help and support 100 more women in WIN's two new programs entitled the Transformations and Self Sufficiency programs.

click the link photo below to learn more about these programs

We joined forces with many other Victoria women on a Saturday morning, put on our beautiful hot pink WIN t-shirts and ran out into the streets as a declaration that we care!
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Sweet Dea

Have you ever hosted or been to a great clothing swap party? What did you like the most about it? If you're planning to host one in the future, be sure to let me know as Lyndsey found some fantastic resources that we'd be happy to pass your way! 
Happy Swapping!

Need a place to host your event like this one in Victoria, BC? Check out 24 Carrot Centre!! It's a fantastic space with lots of natural light and beautiful decor!

05/30/2013 8:51am

Yay! I love giving old clothes away. It makes you feel lighter. Plus adding a little wine never hurts :)

Sweet Dea
05/30/2013 9:42am

It definitely does! We'll be sure to invite you to the next one we're hosting - it'll be a focus on fall clothing :o) (and to get rid of those summer shorts you really never wore!)



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