What is the purpose? The purpose of why you get up each morning, the purpose of why you go to work, the purpose of why you eat what you do, drive what you do, talk to the people that you do... this question can be asked for a countless number of areas in any one person's life. But does anyone really, truly dive into the depth that this question holds? What is the PURPOSE!? When it all comes down to it... what matters, what doesn't, what keeps you functioning and living and loving, and what doesn't. 

I read an article this morning, about a 29 year old women who has stage 4 brain cancer and has moved her family to Oregon in order to die with dignity this November. While driving in to town, I thought of my grandfather, who's brain is fighting against him and using all of it's force and power to end his life. I thought of my father, who has dealt with so many emotional struggles in the past 8 years... only to match each one with his own physical ailment... to the point where he is currently not able to participate in the activities that have always made his life, his life. I thought of my aunt, who has more love in her heart than I have ever experienced in a human being... and she is currently in a situation that challenges her strength and ability to fix a situation and make things work. 

Life isn't a smooth road people. Life is a bumpy, windy dirt road that will fling clumps of dirt and mud up into your face, and not care that you can no longer see where you are going. 

But then that question comes back... what is the purpose? I don't know what the purpose is for you... but I am slowly learning what it is for me. For me it is to love. To find love, in every moment that I am conscious to. To find love in every person that I meet, even when they make me grit my teeth. To truly enjoy those around me, that enrich my life, make me feel loved, and heal me with their infectious laughter. 
Sure I've made mistakes, sure I've caused pain, sure I've taken a few wrong turns on this bumpy road... but all that matters to me right now, the overall purpose for me... is that I love. I decided to uproot my life, change my home, pack my things and move to a tiny town where I know maybe a handful of people and am about to go into a full-blown 8 month snowy winter... because this, right now, is what my family needs. The man that makes me smile in the morning, the puppy that exhausts me from laughter... these are the two that give me the strength to stay on this bumpy road and share my love with my entire family - no matter how far away. 

If there is any one thing I am hoping that you will take away from reading this, the reason that I feel so compelled to share my thoughts in writing, is for you to take one moment today, just one moment, completely and utterly for you. In this moment, explore, imagine, discover what it is in your life that allows you to be completely you. The most amazing gift that you can give to all of those around you, is to be the most amazing YOU that you possibly can. 

With love,
Sweet Dea


10/08/2014 10:41am

Well written dee.lovely story.

10/08/2014 11:48am

we love you for giving all that love!! Something I am struggling with is, what happens when you have two purposes and they pull you in opposite directions? How do you choose one over the other?

10/08/2014 4:49pm

I agree dea today I had to put my mom in millsite lodge .I felt terrible and mom ask me why things have to go this way and I told her that her life is an adventure and even though she isn't necsarry where she would like to be she is there for a reason cause she is always bringing joy to others and she is meant to uplift others around her and she is so good at it. I think she was pleased at that


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