Last week I attended Canada's biggest Social Media Camp - the fourth annual in Victoria, BC. What a privilege. I would not consider myself a computer techy by any means, and that was absolutely okay! This conference was as much about marketing and getting your message across to the right people as it was about the technical tactics of doing so. The camp was two days in length, with a choice of 12 speakers each day - a LOT of learning was done! If you use social media for professional, or even for personal use, it's worth your time to read through a few of my key take-aways and learn about what the top social media experts in North America are talking about. It was a great two days of conference and I enjoyed the overwhelming feeling of learning far too much in a short period of time. :o) 

Click here to read about my take-aways on the YoUnlimited website. 

Sweet Dea

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