Over the Holidays this year, much like millions of other people do, I found myself reflecting on my life, my likes and dislikes about where I am right now, and what things I want to tweak to ensure that I am living my most ideal life RIGHT NOW. 

With this I came up with my 2014 New Years Resolution: Bust Through The Bullshit. 

This feels good to me. This resolution symbolizes my need to stand up for myself on a regular basis. It symbolizes my need to let go of things and people in my life that are weighing me down. It symbolizes my need to quit making excuses and just ACT. And most importantly, my need to eliminate my constantly aggravating negative self-talk. 
One morning in early January I was working at my part-time gig at Lululemon, browsing through the beautiful, colourful and ever-so-useful workout gear. I was attempting to justify and convince myself that it was okay to purchase yet another pair of lulu tights. Just as I was almost convinced, a brief memory popped into my head of me standing in my walk-in closet just two days prior, criticizing myself for hoarding so much clothing! Does one person really need an entire roll bar of zip-up sweaters? When was the last time I even attempted to wear that pink sweater dress? In that moment, while clutching those lulu tights, I decided to bring awareness to my needs instead of giving in to my extremely clever wants. I do not need  anymore tights.. I have enough. What I really need, is clarity and space in my home. Bringing home a new item that will simply take up more space seemed like such a burden. And thus.... my month of January's goal was born.
January 2014: Consumables Only.
For the entire month of January I focused my attention on acknowledging and then letting go of my constant desire to accumulate more things. It doesn't matter what store I am in, I am always itching to consume more. Whether it be a new picture frame, a pair of lulu tights, a great new pair of boots or even something so seemingly useful as a new water bottle. The fact is, I DO NOT NEED any of these things. I have everything, or at least access to everything, that I could possibly need to support myself in my daily activities. 

Last month felt...uplifting. Having really recognized my constant desires to accumulate and then allowing them to simply drift away showed me exactly how much power I can have over my actions, if I choose to take it. My visa was eliminated of little surprises... that sure felt good. I spent more money on food, but that felt great because I knew that it was going to a great cause (my health!) and was worthy of my money. And all together I felt a sense of accomplishment. I stuck to my goal... even when there were days when I was pretty shaky and close to cracking. (*ahem* has anyone noticed all the "Boxing Week" sales that happen all throughout the month of January!?) 

As I look at this new month of February, and glance back at the whole 31 days that I dedicated to being a bit more mindful of my need to accumulate, I feel proud of myself. I even feel ready to go through my closet and belongings and have a "spring time" purge a little early this year. Busting through the bullshit... one un-used item at a time. 

Sweet Dea

Did you set any 2014 New Years Resolutions? What areas of your life did they focus on?

Are you still following any of them as we've moved into the mid-way through month 2 mark?

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