Welcome to a new chapter in my life. My daily lifestyle has changed drastically in the past few months. I spent a year backpacking around New Zealand, worrying primarily about where to eat dinner, where to sleep and whether or not we had enough money for a beer that day. And now, I'm working full-time in a position that I love, contributing to my community in a way that fulfills people's needs and helps create a society of mindful individuals. Wow.. what a change! I am proud, and happy with the new road that I am on. In the first two months of being back from my travels I managed to generate an income in a field of passion, find a dream home for myself and my boyfriend, connect with a lot of old friends, and simply enjoy being in my favourite city in the world! Congratulations to me! And the best part in my eyes, it's all right before the beautiful season of summer hits... when everyone cannot help but be happy and blissful. Woohoo! 

Here's a beautiful quote I'd like to leave you with. It is hanging in my office, directly over my desk. I think it is so beautifully simple, real, and to the point. Why are more of us not already doing everything that we want to do? Why are we allowing ourselves to stay in positions that bring pain, discomfort and unhappiness? Often the answer is right under our noses, we just have to stop and smell the flowers to find it! :o)

Sweet Dea


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