Let me introduce you to Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte. I spent the morning with these two beautiful, powerful and successful ladies (via youTube of course) receiving guidance, strategies and support to use with my own personal goal setting. I took the 22 minutes to watch, receive and engage in everything they had to share - taking notes, pausing to write down quotes, contemplating the purpose over my 2nd cup of coffee... you know, a perfect morning in my books :o)

As soon as the episode was complete, I knew I needed to take the time immediately to explore my Core Desired Feelings. Danielle introduces a fresh take on goal setting - she speaks from a place of feeling, as opposed to achieving. This resonates extremely well with me as I can appreciate where she was once coming from - achieving or not achieving your goal, but still feeling slightly unsatisfied. Her idea of everyone striving for success when really “we have bought into other people’s version and visions of success” solidifies my inkling that perhaps my achievement of success is not as I currently view it. Perhaps I need to explore a little bit further about what being happy, healthy and successful truly means for me. 

And so I have begun.

Take the time to watch this video and invest 30 minutes of your 1,440 minutes available today IN YOUR SELF. It will be worth it. 
When you have finished watching the episode - do a bit of brainstorming:
  • How do you want to feel in those three areas? 
  • What feelings matter to you? 
  • What small daily changes can you make to create more of what you want to feel?
  • What patterns can you recognize for yourself?

Take the power back for yourself. 
The intention is to feel good.

After about 3 different pages of brainstorming, here are my three Core Desired Feelings:
What are your Cored Desired Feelings? What did you think of the video? I would love to hear your thoughts. Your comments truly make my day, so please be willing to share.

Sweet Dea

Paulina Schumacher
12/10/2013 11:33:49 am

It's great to see you brainstorm and work out what you want to achieve in life. I believe it's all about your own personal core values to ensure you are happy within yourself.

I want to feel FAITH
I want to feel FREEDOM within me
I want to feel LOVE

Thanks D!

12/11/2013 08:13:53 am

Love this D! Would love to chat more with you about it. I feel like in our lulu bubble we are doing the pushing and the keeping up with the Jones'... feeling is way more natural than achieving. Love love.

1/7/2014 03:52:41 am

The Desire Map and Core Desired Feelings dovetail nicely with my intention when I teach movement. In Nia we move to increase the sensation of pleasure. In my Synergetics class we move to feel better incrementally. Too many movement practises are about pushing and keeping up. If I can assist you to connect with your body, then those feelings will affect all three of the life areas! I'm off to rewrite my goals from this vantage point of the intention to feel good. Some words I'm going to look more deeply into are respect, cherish and play.

5/24/2019 07:47:12 am

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